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52 Ice Breakers- How to Make Conversation Flow

These ice breakers will help you make new friends, business connections, and may even help you get a promotion!

Networking is super hard for a lot of people, no matter the situation, whether you’re trying to make new friends at Uni or College, trying to think of something to say on your first day at a new job or a formal networking event for your industry. These ice-breakers will help you make new friends, business connections, and may even help you get a promotion (and a raise!) when your boss sees how easy you talk to people!


Ice-breaker Conversation Starters

  1. Hi, my name is {X} and I am not a bad person!
  2. Wouldn’t be crazy if some random just came up to you and started talking? Hi, I’m {X} by the way!
  3. What do you think of our professor/tour guide/trainer?
  4. Nice necklace/shoes/handbag/phone cover/top/skirt/dress!
  • Always compliment on something deliberately chosen, not something that they have no say over.
  1. What’s your plan after college/uni/ this event?
  2. What’s your plan for what we’re learning?
  3. Hey, I think I heard you talking about {tv show}, what do you think of the current season?
  4. I think I heard you talking about {session just held, tour you went on, movie you just saw, book you just read, what do you think of- something you learnt or saw, or event that occurred.
  5. You look mildly interesting; what’s your story?
  6. Cool shirt, what’s it referencing?
  7. Cool laptop/tablet; is it easier to take notes on that than a regular notebook?
  8. Well, it looks like we’re both stuck in this {miserable situation}, what’s your name?
  9. I noticed you’re reading a book by {X}. They’re my favourite author! What do you think of it so far?
  10. Woo, you look miserable. Need somebody to talk to?
  11. So I saw you sitting alone at the bus/train/tram/ stop and figured I’d introduce myself since I’m trying to be spontaneous, Hi! I’m {X}, what’s up?
  12. I see you at the café/mailbox/bus stop all the time; is it okay if I introduce myself?
  13. Cool phone you got there; is that the new model?
  14. That’s a unique phone case you have, what made you choose that one?
  15. Aren’t we in the same {X} together?
  16. Do you like the weather here? Because in my opinion, it’s way too hot/cold
  17. I love this rain! Are you?
  18. Hey, I see you just bought a book/shoes/jewellery/craft supplies *points at bag*. You know there’s another excellent bookstore located down that way, right?
  19. Hey cool bag, what’s it referencing?
  20. Oh hey! You have eyebrows; I have eyebrows; let’s talk!
  21. You look stressed; how can I help?
  22. Cute hairstyle; what products do you use to keep it that way?
  23. Even though I don’t know you, your face is reasonably more familiar to me than others in this room. How are you?
  24. Would you agree with me that bow ties are cool?
  25. How’s life?
  26. Frankly, I’m tired of waiting. I’m {X}, nice to meet you. How’s it going?
  27. You look bored, need someone to talk to?
  28. What made you smile today?
  29. I’ve been looking for a dress/shoes/bag/necklace just like that. Where did you get it?
  30. I’ve been getting the same order for forever. Do you have any suggestions?
  31. Are the lines usually this long here?
  32. I love this instructor! Have you taken any of their other classes?
  33. Hi! Do you know of a good café/coffee shop/bakery/bookshop around here?
  34. I just really wanted to come over and introduce myself.
  • Sometimes the best ice-breaker is to introduce yourself!
  1. That food/beverage looks great. Where did you get it? Or What is it?
  2. I can’t believe how cold/hot/beautiful it is today!
  3. You guys look like you’re having the most fun over here. Mind if I join this conversation?
  4. Are you here to see anyone in particular?
  5. Did you all come together, or did you meet here?
  6. Well, while we’re here, I might as well introduce myself
  7. Did you hear {X} speak/play/read?
  8. Have you ever been to X down the street? I’ve wanted to check it out?
  9. Is this your first time at this event?
  10. Did you understand what the speaker/instructor/professor meant when they said {X}?
  11. I’m tired of talking to my colleagues/friends; I see them all the time. What are you guys talking about?
  12. Alright, I’ve got an awesome joke for you.
  13. Did you see {X} at the {X}?
  14. What’s been your favourite part of this conference/festival/market/tour so far?


Photo by Kevin Curtis on Unsplash

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