Spinster in training is about being your absolute best self, by yourself. It’s about learning how to enjoy your life, withoutworrying about what other people think. It’s about going out to the cinema or going to dinner, or even going onholiday when you want, where you want, without worrying about other people.

We’re going to learn how to set a budget, how to go to dinner- alone, how to go to the cinema- alone, how to drink like an adult, how to host a dinner party, and heaps more!

I’m Stella, and when I grow up, I want to be Miss Marple. I started Spinster in Training because there’s a lot about being on my own that I must learn, and there’s a lot of “Grown Up” skills I need to practice. Spinster in Training is my way of saying FU to those who look down on people who are single, on people who are childless, and people who haven’t settled down yet, at the ripe old age of 25. It’s about discovering who you are and embracing that, and it’s about not letting other people tell you what you can and can’t do, just because they never dared to do it themselves.

Spinsters are rebels who want to be courageous. We’re folks who want to get ahead in our careers, whateverthose careers are, and whatever ahead means to us. We want to make new friends,be as healthy as we can, mentally, physically and spiritually.

This blog will featurebook reviews, practical how-to’s, mindset tools, and other stuff that will helpyou to be the best Spinster you can be, and the best version of yourself thatyou can be.

Spinster in Training isn’t about locking yourself away, and not connecting with people. It’s about notl etting your desires, and your busy levels stop you from doing what you want.It’s about not needing a housemate, or a flatmate,or a lover- unless you want one.

Spinster in training is about living life to your wildest expectations, not societal expectations, and it’s about being the best version of yourself you can be. And continuously working to be that person- better and better every day.

If you have a burning desire to know a skill, whether it be how to manage your time, how to start a journal, how to find a mental health professional, how to make new friends as an adult or something more practical like how to change a tire, take a great selfie, or what to look for in a phone, drop a bell on Twitter, Instagram, or drop a comment in the box below.