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Friendship bracelets- for grownups

10 great grownup friendship bracelets, for you and your bestie no matter if they have 4 legs or 2. These bracelets will suit any gift giving holiday, or just because.

Well kinda… 

Braided friendship bracelets are everywhere right now, and the kids seem to love making them. But as adults sometimes we want something a little… fancier.

Here are 10 bracelets for you and your bestie.

Hand Stamped Morse Code Cuffs

Available in aluminium, brass, sterling silver, copper, 14K gold, and rose gold. One of these cuffs says best, the other friends. The only question is, who’s best?

Partners in Crime

Tiny cute handcuffs bracelet on a dainty silver chain with lobster clasp closure.

Perfect for your partner in crime! These super cute bracelets feature tiny handcuffs, and you can get the card personalised. What more could you ask for?

Match Your Pupper

Dog collar with matching BFF Bracelet

If your BFF is your pupper, then Three Dogs Boutique have you covered. All products are handmade to order, specially for your pup (and you!). 

Their collars are made with a fabric that’s also finished with a fabric protector. The fabric is lined with heavy-duty webbing and finished with a leather designer tag.

Match Your Cat

cat and human wearing matching collar and bracelet

If your cat is your best friend, Pettsie have you covered. You can choose between colours, and they have a set for a kitten as well! 

The cat collar has a breakaway clasp and is made of cotton, instead of plastic, and has a D-ring so that you can attach an ID tag or bell. 

Friendship Bracelets for the Squad

 2 bracelets engraved with names and a heart

If you want to buy matching friendship bracelets for your entire squad, Sincerely Silver have a perfect idea. You can purchase between 2-5 of these beauties and have them custom engraved with a name, coordinates, a date, a word, almost anything your heart desires. 

Mum and Daughter Wish Together

Mother and daughter wish bracelet. 2 bracelets on one card

These wish bracelets are a great, understated way of showing your Mum how much she means to you. 

The idea behind the bracelet is that you tie them on and make a wish. Eventually through wear, the bracelet will fall off… this is when your wish could come true 🙂

Leo and Lovey

Musical Theatre Friendship Bracelets

Because I Knew You I Have Been Changed for Good Stamped Adjustable Bangle Charm Friendship Bracelet

If you and your bestie are both fans of Wicked, these are the friendship bracelets for you! 

Each one is stamped individually and made to order. So you know you’re getting something totally one-of-a-kind for your one-of-a-kind best friend! 

Girl Boss BFF’s

If you and your BFF are both girl bosses, kicking ass and taking names, then this is the set for you! 

Available in Brass, gold plated, rose gold plated, silver plated and solid sterling silver, cuffs are perfect statement pieces for when you need a little reminder of how badass you and your bestie are. 

Sister, Sister Bracelet

Two bracelets band, closed and stamped the word

If your sister is your best friend, or you just want to get her (and you!) something nice, this is the set. 

This hand stamped copper bangle set is something super unique, and super cool. 

Boho Best Friends

These bracelets, one in lava stone, and the other in Howlite are perfect simple pieces for you and your boho bestie. 

Any of these friendship bracelets would be perfect for you and your best friend, no matter what your budget. All of them are available from Etsy stores- so you know that you’re supporting small businesses, and getting something totally unique not available in a department store. 

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