Vision Board-Crush your goals with this killer tool

Vision Board- How to crush your goals with this killer tool


A vision board is a simple tool that is a powerful asset in your visualisation arsenal. It is a collage of words, and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. An excellent and useful vision board helps you solidify the idea of a fantastic, dreamy future. The images and words, and whatever else you choose to include, should be strong examples, ideas or representations of where you are going.

The items you choose to go on your vision board should represent your dreams, goals, and ideal life.

Representing your goals, dreams and ideal life with images strengthens and stimulates your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation, which is excellent because your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction.

If you have defined your dreams, it’s time to illustrate them.

You can use anything as a physical board, you can get a corkboard, or poster board, you can go big, or just use a piece of regular paper.

Size isn’t important; it’s what you do with it that matters.

By placing a visual representation of your goals into one space, you can easily visualise them daily, or multiple times daily.

How to use a vision board for goal setting

The best way to keep achieving your goals is to keep them in the front of your mind, so you’re always looking to move closer to them. The perfect tool for this is a vision board.

When you put a vision board somewhere, you can see it every day; you’ll prompt yourself to visualise your ideal life on a regular basis. That’s important because visualisation activates the creative powers of your subconscious (visualisation is a creative activity as it is). Visualisation also programs your brain to notice available resources, whether they are books, people, or something else, that has escaped your notice. Through the law of attraction, visualisation also magnetises and attracts to you the people, resources and opportunities you need to achieve your goal.

By adding a visualisation practice to your daily routine, you will become more motivated to reach your goals. You’ll start to do things that bring you closer to your ideal life. You’ll find yourself studying more productively, exercising more regularly, volunteering for more responsibility at work, asking for exactly what you want, and taking more risks in your life. And experiencing bigger pay-offs.

Strap in!

Make a vision board that reflects your ideal life.

Find images or words that represent or symbolise the experiences, feelings and possessions you want to have in your ideal life and place them on your board. Have fun with the process!

You can use photographs, magazine cut-outs, pictures from social media that you’ve printed. Be creative, and include anything that speaks to you, and the life you’d like to lead.

Think about putting a picture of yourself on your board, choose one from when you were ecstatically happy, or when you had an experience you’d like to continue or have again.

Your vision board can represent your entire ideal life, or you can focus on one specific area that you are focusing on. Be sure to keep it neat, so that you can easily see and recognise all the imagery that you have on your board.

Be super selective in what you decide to put on your final board. Use only words and images that best represent your purpose, your ideal future and words that inspire positive emotions in you. Too many pics and too much information will be distracting and make it harder for you to focus on.

If you are working on visualising and creating changes in a few areas of your life, then you should think about using more than one vision board. You might use one for your fitness goals, and another for career and financial goals. You could keep your career board at the office, or on your desk, and a personal one somewhere more private.

My Vision board process.

Make a list of goals you’d like to achieve in the next year.

Before you visualise your goals, you need to figure out what they are. Spend some time getting super clear on precisely what you want your ideal life to look like, and what you need to accomplish to get you to them. Or at least closer than you are now.

Find a bunch of pictures that inspire you.

I cut out pretty pictures out of magazines that I buy as the year goes, but I also collect photos from places like Unsplash, Flickr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

When you go through your pics for the final decision, ensure that you choose only those that A) align with the goals you’ve set and B) say to you “Yes! That is what I want in my life! Focus on how the pics make you feel more than finding a perfect literal interpretation of what you want in your life.

For example, if you want to have a month at the beach with your squad during the summer, you don’t need to find pictures of the exact resort you’ll stay at, an idyllic ocean picture will be enough, alongside a great pic of your squad having fun- anywhere.

If you want to make friends this year, then pictures of someone else looking confident and carefree will work just as well, if not better than a picture of yourself feeling the same way. Find pictures of any group of friends having fun, that makes you say to yourself “Yes! That is what I want!”

Make a collage

Once you feel like you have enough pics that make you inspired, it’s time to break out the glue! Go to your local craft store and get yourself a large piece of paper/card/whatevs. Then get gluing!

Try to be neat about it. Try.

Add words that represent how you want to feel

The vision you have of your ideal life shouldn’t be focus on “stuff” so much as it should be on how you want to feel. To keep in alignment with this, I like to add words that describe how I want to feel on a daily basis- like “powerful” loved” “strong” “fit” “abundant” wealthy.

Take a little time and create a list of words that describe how you want to feel, you can search for them in the magazines, or write them in a beautiful font in a doc., or write them yourself, of course! Add them to your vision board.

Contemplate your vision board every day.

This is where your vision board becomes effective- when you use it. Creating a collage might be fun, and get you thinking about your goals, but it doesn’t do anything unless you use it.

To fully benefit from your board, you must, must, must place it somewhere you can see it every day. You really should take a few minutes to look over your vision board at least once or twice a day. I like to review mine first thing in the morning, before a guided visualisation, and again before I go to sleep, as a part of my night routine, to keep me on track. Going to sleep is easier when I know that I have a damn good reason to get up like working on achieving my goals tomorrow, instead of staying up and watching Netflix or reading fanfics.

I also notice that I wake fired up, and ready to succeed when I use my vision board as a part of my routine.

How to use your dream board

Try keeping your vision board next to your bed. Leave it standing open so that you can see it and use it easily. Or you could do as I do, and keep it at your desk, as the first thing I do in the morning, (after morning ablutions) is sit at my desk and journal, and have a cup of tea (Russian caravan, 1tsp of cherry jam, milk). It’s also the first part of my night routine- I close the computer and visualise.

As time goes by, and your goals and dreams begin to manifest themselves, look at the images that represent your achievements and be thankful. Acknowledge that your vision board is working. Don’t take the pictures down that describe the goals you’ve already achieved. Completion of the goals in your vision board is powerful reminders of what you have already consciously and deliberately attracted into your life.

It’s a good idea to write down the date you created your dream board. Like a time capsule, your board will document your journey, dreams and achievements for that year. It will be a record of your growth, awareness and expansion that you will want to keep and reflect on, in years to come.

Make a new vision board each year. As you grow, evolve and expand so to will your dreams and desires. Your vision board doesn’t only chronicle your ideas, but also your growth and achievements.

A vision board can be more than one board. Set your phone background, and lock screen to something that makes you feel like “Yes! That’s what I want!” Set your computer background to something that inspires you or make another vision board collage, set the passwords you have to fill in all the time as goals you are going to achieve, for example, my phone password is my 90 day finacial goal.

If you have a paper diary, decorate it with images and words, affirmations and feels that make you inspired.

If you are hardcore about reaching your goals (you should be!) put a vision board on the back of the toilet door, where you can see it and use it every time you go.

A vision board doesn’t have to be a board either;  Mine is an A5 size art book, I have a mixture of double-page collages, and written snapshots, like a day in the life type things. You could make a little scrapbook of dreams, and desires, and look through it the same as an actual board. A scrapbook could be easier to travel with, if you travel a lot, or want to keep your dreams and goals just between you and the universe.

It doesn’t matter what form your vision board takes if you can use it daily, and it inspires you to reach your dreams.

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