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30 Self Care Ideas for Bad Mental Health Days

30 self care ideas for your next mental health day.

Bad mental health days, we all have them. Days when we want nothing more than to stay in bed with our heads under the covers. Days when we want to eat all the ice cream in the shop and cry. Days when nothing seems to be worth the energy it takes to get out of bed, no matter how much we were looking forward to it yesterday. Here are 30 self Care ideas to help you through your next mental health day, no matter how many spoons you have left.

  1. Take a shower.

    Use a fantastic smelling soap, wash your hair and face.

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  3. Have a cup of tea

    Put it in your favourite mug, practice some mindfulness and focus on the drink.

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  5. Put on some clean clothes.

    Don’t stay in your pj’s all day, no matter how tempting it is. Some clean clothes will make you feel… at least a little better.

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  7. Go for a walk. Outside.

    Doesn’t have to be long even 5 or 10 minutes will help, but the fresh air and a small amount of exercise can do wonders for your mood.

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  9. Watch something that makes you laugh.

    Whether you love John Mulaney or have half a dozen Vine compilations in a YouTube playlist, having a good laugh helps you to release emotion.

  10. Watch a sad film

    Watching a tragic movie gives us a reason to feel sad. It also allows us to have a cathartic cry.

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  12. Call a friend

    Actually, call them. Speaking to a friend for a while can boost our moods and reminds us that we aren’t alone.

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  14. Go to a local café. Talk to the barista

    If your friends aren’t answering the phone, get some social interaction by talking to the waiter or barista at the local café. This way, not only do you get social, but you also get to go outside, and get to drink your favourite drink! (and maybe get a sweet thing too!)

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  16. Meditate

    I like a guided meditation, from the Headspace app. But anyone will work, for as long as can- if that’s 30 minutes great! If that’s only 5 minutes, no worries!

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  18. Write in your journal

    You can try free writing, where you write whatever comes to your head, without thinking about it. Or you can write about whatever has you in a funk today.

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  20. Drink enough water

    It’s tempting on days when you feel terrible, to eat and drink terrible “comfort” food. It may bring you comfort while you eat it, but how will you feel in a couple of hours?

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  22. Work out

    If you can get a good, sweat-inducing workout in today, do it. Build up those endorphins.

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  23. Sing

    Have a one person karaoke party. Sing your heart to all your favourite songs, pretend to be… whoever you want to be, show that hairbrush whose boss!

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  25. Dance

    Have a one-person dance party.

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  27. Make a gratitude list

    Make a list of things you are grateful for. Start superficial and build up to the deep. Take your time, and don’t limit yourself.

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  29. Give a genuine compliment

    Compliment giving is best done in person if you can, but by text, or via social media is great too. Give six people genuine, heartfelt compliments.

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  31. Make a playlist

    Make a playlist of songs that make you feel like you can take on the world. Or that make you smile, or that you want to sing or dance too. Or that make you want to cry.

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  33. Groom yourself

    If you haven’t done any personal grooming lately, give yourself a bit (or a lot!) of a pamper day. Take your time to shave your legs, use a face mask, hair mask- whatever kind of mask you want, paint your nails, play with make-up. It’s your pamper day- how you do it is up to you!

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  35. Read a Book

    This is absolutely my favourite way to spend a self-care day. I like to choose a book I’ve read before, but not in a long while. Spending time with old friends is nice.

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  37. Make something

    Whether you like to bake, cook, craft or art, make something.

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  39. Have a nap.

    Wake up refreshed, and ready to go again.

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  41. Take a bubble bath

    Doesn’t have to be bubbles. You might be more a fan of scented oils or bath bombs.

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  43. Open a window

    If it’s warm enough to open a window, do it. Get some of that fresh air around your home.

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  45. Do something productive

    Whether it’s a few dishes from breakfast, a bit of light dusting, or something more significant. Doing something productive will help you to turn your day around.

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  47. Make a list

    Write a list of 30 of your favourite things. Songs, food, dance moves, books, quotes, movies, jokes… whatever you like.

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  49. Get dressed up

    Put on your signature outfit, do your make-up, have some fun.
    Maybe take yourself to the movies, or just out for coffee.

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  51. Visualise

    Think about the fantastic things you are going to accomplish. Write down a scene from your ideal life. Remind yourself of how bright your future is.

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  53. Make your bed

    If you can change the sheets, pillowcases, even your duvet cover, if not, just make it. Fluff your pillows, and arrange your blankets on the bed properly.

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  55. Go to sleep early

    Before you go to bed, burn a beautiful candle or some incense, turn your phone off and read an actual book or magazine.

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  57. Night time affirmation

    Remember that

    “Tomorrow is a new day. I embrace all that it brings.”

    Repeat this out loud ten times.

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